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Date/Start Pre-Reading Topic Facilitator
29 November

Retention of Health Information Regulations -

Psychologist Board Guidelines (page 17)

Storage and Security of Psychological Information Karen Tonkin
23 Oct Women In Leadership: Factors Influencing their Rise to the Top. Hannah Livingston
12 July 2018

Best Practice Guidelines In Restructuring and Redeployment

Using Psychometrics in Restructuring Gretchen McFadden and Fleur Hellemans
May 2018 Resilience Kathryn Jackson


22 November 2017

Personal Resilience for Work and Lfe?

Dani Rius

25 October 2017

Work, Stress ... and mindfulness?

Fleur Pawsey

17 August 2017

Emergency service volunteers' push and pull factors. In this talk, Sanna will discuss the changing landscape of volunteering, and present the findings of studies on fire service volunteers. The focus will be on the barriers and enablers to volunteering, and conclude with some discussion points about the role of employers in supporting (or hindering) volunteering in emergency services.

Sanna Malinen

28 June 17

Harnessing happiness through the workplace: A research agenda for positive psychology-based occupational health and wellness initiatives

Jennifer Wong

31 May 17

Read Section 5

Restructuring. What are the options?

John Eatwell and Sanna Malinen

26 April 17


"Having a growth mind set, transition from school to workplace"

Matthew Labrecque

23 March 17

Supporting Professional Identities

An Evaluation

"Coaching employees with chronic illness"

Joy Beatty, Associate Professor of Management, University of Michigan


19 October

"Implementation of Coaching as a core leadership skill: themes from two evaluations"

John Eatwell

1 March

Building Employee Resilience

Karen Tonkin


29 October

Working Well Enough

Frank O'Connor

30 September

Authentic Leadership Coaching

Jasbindar Singh

18 August

Employee Learning and Resilience

Dani Rius

30 July

Leaders as Decision Architects

Decision making, cognitive biases and coaching

David Bennet

23 June
Room 236
Business and Law
University of Canterbury

Slides From the Talk

Maori Leadership

Dr. Maree Roche


19 March 2015

Resilient Organisations

Assoc Prof Nilakant and Dr Walker



15 December

Positive Impact of Gift Giving and Links to Engagement - Christmas Discussion


21 October

When Coaching Gets Clinical

Dr Giles Burch


4 September

Slides used at talk

Employee Resilience
(More Info)

Joana Kuntz, Sanna Malinen, Katharina Naswall


3 July

Mid Winter Solstice

John Eatwell


15 May

Coach Wellbeing or Illbeing - Make a Choice

Dr Göran Kenttä


8 May

Note: Session will be held at Beckenham Library

Coaching as a Component of Changing Culture: A Case Study

Leslie Hamilton


13 March 2014

Case Study Story

Coaching as a Component of Changing Culture: A case study

Leslie Hamilton



12 December

Christmas Drinks at Joe's Garage!


21 November

Does High Self-Esteem Cause better Relationships?

Self-Esteem in Work Context

Self-Esteem Personal Evaluation

Application of Self Esteem in the Workplace (leveraging off the work of Nathaniel Branden 'The Six Pillars of Self Esteem')

Teresa Callow


17 October

Develop And Maximize Strengths To Lead Effectively

Develop Leadership Strength Over Weakness

When Strengths Run Amok

Strength Based Development

John Eatwell


19 September

Performance Psychology the cross over between sport and Business

Jason Yuill Proctor


18 July

Taking Another Path up the Mountain: Using Systems Thinking to Look at Staff Engagement

Michelle Shields


6 June

Cross-cultural Research: Work Values, Culture-specific Preference for Workplace Rewards

Dr Joana Kuntz


9 May

Time for a change: highlighting the Partnership Model

Time for a change: highlighting the Partnership Model

Sanna Malinen, Russell Wordsworth, Martyn Sloman


23 April

Psychology Capital

Kate Rowe


14 March

Held at Tait Electronics,

Coaching Evaluation

Toni Snelgrove


21 February 2013

Held at Joes Garage,7 Leslie Street, Upper Riccarton

Workforce Resilience

Two years on from the Quakes

Michelle Shields



15 November
Joe's Garage Riccarton, Leslie Street, Upper Riccarton

Training and Development Pre-reading

Science of Training and Development: What really matters



11 October

Implementing Mentoring

Jay Mclean PhD


6 September

Do coaches deliver what they promise?

Frank O'Connor


19 July

Electronic Assessment Centre

John Eatwell


21 June

Cognitive Ability and Job Performance: Continuing Issues of Definition & Specification

Catherine Mann


17 May

Making HR Strategic

Jon Bilsberry


19 April

Thesis Topics - Sounding Board

Kate Rowe et al.


15 March

Business Ethics: Decision-making Processes

Dr Joana Kuntz


16 February

Stress Management Programme

Vicky Varlamova



24 November 2011

Simplify Your People Strategy + Christmas Drinks At Peppers Clearwater Resort
Register Here

John Bradbury


20 October 2011

Uncertainty In the Workplace: Individuals Altered Interpretation of Their Work Situation and How It Affects Wellbeing

Dr Katharina Näswall


15 September 2011

Organisational Change: Sensemaking Processes Accounting for Readiness and Resistance

Dr Joana Kuntz


18 August 2011

Saville Wave Validation
Using Psychometrics in Coaching
Using 360's in Coaching

Gary Grace


21 July 2011

Coaching: a logo-coaching perspective(RSVP Sanna Malinen)

Steve Dakin & Sanna Malinen


16 June 2011

The Use of Ethnography in Organisations - Case: Enablers of Engagement in Property Maintenance

Harri Paananen, Manager, Dazzle


19 May 2011

Coaching From A Psychodramatic Perspective

Annie Currie


14 April 2011

Implementing Coaching at Airways: Strategy and Outcomes

John Eatwell


17 March 2011

Coaching Psychology In New Zealand and Coaching in High-Stress Situations

Sam Farmer



1 September 2010

Positive Psychology and its Implications for Organisations and IO

Dr Tom Matthews


8 June

Our People Planning Process: Getting Buy Into Staff Surveys

John Eatwell


11 May

Managing Conflict

Jonathan Black



3 November 2009

>The Occupational Personality Questionnaire Revolution

Revolutionising Assessment - the latest advances in Item Response Theory

John Bradbury


23 September 2009

Task Based Assessment - Conceptualisation of Assessment Centres; The Theoretical Underpinnings and Evidence For the Approach

Duncan Jackson


1 September 2009

Repertory Grid - using it for competency design and careers guidance

John Eatwell


4 August 2009

Monitoring the Monitor: Welcome to the Era of Neuroergonomics

Deak Helton, University of Canterbury

17 March 2009


From Training to Learning

Martyn Sloman


May 2008


Employees adaptability to international relocation.

Sue Summerville

15 April 2008


Why is the P-O Fit-Turnover Intention relationship so small? Personality facets as potential moderators'

Kaleena Muirhead


14 November 2007

Case Study

Managerial Bullying in the Workplace

Steve Dakin and Denise Tocker

17 October 2007

Employee Value Chain at Sears. Harvard Business Review

Staff Surveys – Are they really worth the fuss?

John Eatwell

11 September 2007


Deploying staff to hostile and isolated environments:
Lessons from East Timor and the South Pacific.

Jonathan Black
13 June 2007 - Designing an Organisational Structure that is capable of implementing strategy. Don Purdon
1 May 2007 The Benefits of Continual Measurement of Processes and Outcomes. Tara Longley
3 April 2007 Level 5 Leadership: The Triumph of Humility and Fierce Resolve. Harvard Business Review, January 2000. From Good to Great and Level 5 Leadership. Something new, something worthwhile? John Eatwell


4 July 2006 Is Your Boss A Psychopath?
Toxic Cleanup: How To Deal With A Dangerous Leader
Taming The Alpha Executive
Quiz: Is Your Boss A Psychopath?
Is Your Boss Killing You?
What We Know (HoganKaiser)
Psychotic/Narcissistic Managers Michelle Shields (Facilitator)
3 October 2006 I-O Psychology and Technology: Courtship, Coincidence or Collision? Dr Jerard (Jerry) Kehoe AT&T
10 October 2006 Assessing for performance versus assessing for potential. Joint IO/HRINZ Breakfast
17 October 2006 Mini IPIP Scales The Mini-IPIP Scales: Tiny-Yet-Effective Measures of the Big Five Factors of Personality Dr Frederick (Fred) Oswald, Michigan State University Now Associated With The Rice University
December 2006 Christmas Function


February 2005 Costs and Benefits – some examples of measuring impact John Eatwell, Airways New Zealand


18 May 2004,
Hadlee Kippenberg,
Level 5,
34 - 36 Cranmer Square
Turnover John Capon, Hadlee Kippenberger and Partners
24 August 2004,
Johnston Penno
Level 3,
374 Montreal Street
Recent developments and current issues in personality measurement tools Norman Buckley,Redfield Consulting
14 September 2004 Professional Issues in Industrial Psychology – Recent Research Sarah Wright, University of Canterbury
5 October The Tipping Point. A change management simulator Michelle Shields,Christchurch College of Education
November IO on the OE: A practitioners perspective Helen Johnson, Hadlee Kippenberg and Partners


27 April 2003 360 and Leadership John Bradbury
28 May 2003,
Hadlee Kippenberg,
Level 5,
34 - 36 Cranmer Square
Assessment on the Internet: Issues and Ideas Andrea Cowlishaw, Hadlee Kippenberger and Partners
25 June 2003 Call me old fashioned, but I still love competencies John Eatwell
29 July 2003,
Level 11,
119 Armagh St
Preventive Stress Management Leah Kininmonth, Transcendence Ltd
24 September 2003 Change Management Susie Neill, Johnson Penno Consulting
30 October 2003,
Meeting Room 7 (upstairs),
Christchurch Convention Centre,
86 Kilmore Street
The Implications Of The New Legislation Governing Psychologists In New Zealand. Sean McKinley (Executive Director of the the Psych Society) and Cheryl Woolley (President

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